Products Made Using R.F. Heat Sealing/Welding Process


Products made using R.F. Heat Sealing/Welding

Advertising Novelties & Premiums, Air Conditioner Covers Aircraft Covers, Air Force Pressure Suits, Airhouses fixed & portable Albums, Appointment Books, Aprons, Arm Rests, Arrows, Athletic Bags, Attache Cases, Automotive Components, Awnings & Canopies Baby Baths, Baby Pants, Badges, Bags, Bathroom Scales, Beach Balls, Beach Toys, Belts, Bibs, Billfolds, Blister Packs, Blood Plasma Bags, Blood Plasma Kits, Boat Covers, Body Bags, Book Covers, Bottles, Bowling Bags, Boxes, Brassieres (Straps), Briefcases, Bullet Proof Vests, Buttonholes, Calculator Cases, Calendars, Camera Cases & Covers, Candy Packaging, Canteen Liners, Car Seats ,Car Seats (juvenile), Carpet, Heel Pads, Carpeting (Stair Treads), Carriages, Cassette Storage, CD & CD Rom Storage, Chaise Lounge, Pads & Mats ,Checkbook Covers, Cigarette Cases & Lighter Covers, Coin Album Pages ,Clothing, Colostomy Bags Collar Stays, Computer Cards, Computer Covers, Convertible Tops, Cosmetic Cases & Kits, Covers, Crib Bumpers, Crib Mattresses, Crib Pads Curtains, Desk Sets, Diapers, Disk Pages, Displays, Dog Collars, Dolls, Door Panels, Drapes, Dress Forms, Drill Holders, Drug Packaging, Duo Process for Shoes, Electric Blankets, (Electronics), Emblems, Embossing Designs, Enema Bags, Envelopes, Eyeglass Cases, Eyeglass Temples, Fabric Labeling, Fluorescent Light, Flags, Flowers, Folding Doors, Frames, Frozen Foods Cooking, Frozen Foods Defrost, Furniture CoversGame Kits, Gloves, Glove Compartments, Golf Carts, Golf Club Covers, Grommets for garment bags Gun Belts & Holsters, Gun Cases, Gymnasium Pads, Hair Dryer Hoods Hats & Caps Hat , Wig & Wiglet Boxes, Hamper, Handbags, Handles, Hardware Harness Cables, Headboards, Head Rests, Heating, Heel Pads, Honeycomb Curing, House Coats, Hunting Gear & Clothing,Ice Packs, Industrial Equipment Covers ,Industrial Gloves, Inflatables, Inflatable Structures, Insoles, IV Bags, Jackets, Key Cases, Key Holders, Kidney Dialysis Kites, Kits,Labels, Label Holders, Lamp Covers, Lawn Furniture, Leggings Lettering for Sports Wear & Equipment, Life Jackets, Vests & Floats, Lingerie Litter Bags, Looseleaf Binders, Looseleaf Pages, Luggage Binding, (Linings & Pockets), Lumbar Supports, Mattress Covers, Medical Products, Metal (Vinyl Clad or Adhesive Coated), Missile Covers, Molded Fasteners, Movie Screens, Naval Dye Markers, Notebooks, Nuclear Fallout Protection Garments, Ornaments, Outdoor Furniture Pads & Covers, Oxygen, Tents, Packaging, Pads, Pages, Pager Cases, Paper Cups, Cartons & Containers Paper Drying, Patio ,Photo Album Pages, Pill Cases, Pillow Covers, Place Mats & Coasters, Play Pen, Pool Covers, Pool Liners, Portable Phone Cases Pocket Protectors, Pocket Secretaries, Portfolios Powder Puffs, Protective Clothing, Purses, Pulsating Mattresses, Quilting – Vinyl Synthetic Fabrics, Raincoats, Rapplique Process for Fabrics, Record Envelopes, Record Systems, Reinforced Plastic-Pultrusions, Ribbons for tying Packages RV Awnings, RV Seats & Beds, Safety Equipment, Salt Water Conversion Kits, School Supplies, Seal & Cut, Seats, Seat Covers, Seats (Embossing – Panels), Signal Flags, Simulated Convertible Tops, Stadium Cushions Sweaters, Software Packages, Shark Chasers, Shoe Air Cushions, Shoe Covers, Shoe Components (Duo Process), Shoe Bows, Shoe Embossing Shoe Trim, Shoe Uppers, Shoe Vamps, Shower Curtains, Soap Pocket, Sock Linings, Sponges, Splints ,Sporting Goods Accessories, Stamps & Coins Stretchers, Sterilizers, Stuffed Toys, Sun Visors, Table clothes, Tabs, Tape Cases, Tarpaulins, Teething Rings, Tents, Ties, Toilet Seats, Tool Kits Towels Toys, Trim, Transfer Labeling, Travel Cases, Truck Covers, Truck & Auto Products, TV Game Packaging,Umbrellas, Umbrella Covers, Undergarments Underwear, etc. Upholstered Cushions (Seats), Vests, Video Cassette Cases VCR Covers, Waders, Wading Pools, Wallets, Water Beds, Water Filled Head & Eye Pads, Water Reservoirs ,Window Shades,Zipper Bags, Zipper Reinforcements

AND Much Much More…
This list is growing all the time!

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