Testing RF Equipment

North America Only

We can test your RF Equipment to make sure
that you are OSHA & FCC Compliant.
OSHA 1910.97
Electromagnetic Radiation
For normal environmental conditions and for incident electromagnetic energy of frequencies from 10 MHz to 100 GHz, the radiation protection guide is 
10 mW/cm.(2) (milliwatt per square centimeter) as averaged over any possible 0.1-hour period. 
Shields and Grounding are the two major things that can drastically change the way RF radiation escapes from the RF Generator. We have special meters to test the electromagnetic radiation escaping from your machines and we can make adjustments to improve it. 

FCC 47 CFR 1.1307
Industrial, Scientific & Medical Band Frequency is 27.12Mhz +/- 180Khz 
RF Generators must operate
between (26.940Mhz to 27.30Mhz) 
FCC Link
We can test your equipment to make sure that it is operating at the correct frequency and make adjustments if needed. Special signage is also needed to be in compliance.
FCC – Yellow Triangle 
(ANSI C95.2-1982) 

OSHA – RF Hazard – Red & Black Diamond Type (shown below) 

OSHA – Pace Maker Warning – Danger or Caution Type
White background with Red & Black Danger
or Orange background “Caution…”

Signs to be put on doorways outside RF Equipment areas
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